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Newport Harbor High School Boys Lacrosse


The primary objective of The Newport Harbor High School Boys’ Lacrosse Program is to help instill and develop within our student-athlete-citizens high quality character traits of manners, respect, accountability, integrity, and competitive greatness within a demanding teamwork environment; thus preparing each young man with a strong moral compass, confidence, fortitude and resilience to courageously and successfully pursue their personal true north as they journey onward.


By always seeking the greatest competition available to us we hope that each opponent will demand that every person associated with our program is required to call upon their deepest reserves of inner strength to persevere and accomplish greater collective achievements than initially thought possible.  Welcoming, enduring, and mastering challenges will forge our ever-strengthening resolve to pursue excellence.  The results of this philosophy will fulfill our mission not only on the field and the classroom but most explicitly in the success of our ever growing alumni family which will become the nucleus of our program.  Only the great Sailors conquer greater seas of adversity.


The NHHS Boys Lacrosse program embraces positive attitudes and respect for the rules, officials, opponents, fans, teammates, students and families within and outside of our community.   All members of the program will strive to uphold this tradition through our best efforts, workmanlike professionalism, and uncompromising loyalty to one another and our school.  We encourage the players to have fun developing friendships through sweat equity and  improving their physical and mental conditioning, their lacrosse skills and understanding of the sport.  Furthermore, we seek to develop and improve skill sets needed for other sports and the benefits from the cross-training that activate different neuro-muscle groups and mental perspectives.

To these ends, the coaching staff encourages the boys to respect the ideas of others and their free expression of such.  We rejoice in discovery, critical thought, and discussion of academic and athletic analysis and the pursuit of excellence in a spirit of productive cooperation.  We dismiss divisive and prejudicial behaviors and assume full responsibility for the consequences of our personal actions.  We encourage students to explore, create, challenge, compete, cooperate and lead; thus, providing a foundation upon which self-reliance is balanced with teamwork.  We feel this creates success and provides students with powerful and meaningful participatory experiences that forge their enduring bonds with their NHHS teammates, staff, and community.

We foster the values of physical and mental fitness, preparedness, balanced nutrition, and total well-being through participation in athletics and its impact on our students’ academics.  We teach leadership skills, teamwork, responsibility, and accountability; encourage individual research, training, and repetition of good practice habits outside of our tutelage.  We evaluate our student-athlete-citizens based on these traits and measures of stewardship and standards set by NHHS, NMUSD, CIF-SS and its ‘Victory with Honor’ Code of Conduct.


We wish to promote pride, unity, and confidence in NHHS Administration, the NHHS Athletic Department, the NHHS Student Body and the Sailors Lacrosse Family.

We place primacy on our academic endeavors and recognize the importance of intellectual growth and preparedness as our mandate.

We practice positive leadership and display the courage necessary to advocate righteous and just causes regardless of social pressures for or against them.  Leadership is choosing what is right over what is easy or popular.

We hold ourselves responsible and accountable for our thoughts, feelings, and actions; we recognize that as student-athlete-citizens we represent not only ourselves but our families, teammates, NHHS, and the surrounding communities.

We understand the privilege afforded to us as student-athlete-citizens. Through all of our activities and interactions, we will demonstrate the virtues of compassion, sensitivity, respect, and positive leadership.

We believe in relationships that are grounded in honesty, trust, respect, tolerance, and mutual accountability.  As student-athlete-citizens, we will meet our responsibilities in a dutiful manner. Through these chosen bonds, we hold ourselves, our teammates, our classmates, and the entire school in the highest regard.

As visible team members on campus, we have an opportunity to strengthen our community through active participation and service. In giving of ourselves, we can enrich the lives of others around us. Through this process, we might also know the reciprocal benefits of engaging with a diverse world and grow as young men and meet it with integrity, persistence, courage, and confidence.

Regardless of the challenges faced, we embrace a commitment to always put forth our best effort.  Our attitude will be defined by our strength of character and our constant pursuit of excellence on the field, in the classroom, and within the community.  The pride and confidence derived from our team activities will also reflect the gratitude we have for the privilege to be student-athlete-citizens at NHHS, and we will always conduct ourselves in a manner worthy of the trust of our community.

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