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Newport Harbor High School Boosters


Our Newport Harbor Boys Lacrosse Boosters Club promotes pride and unity for the program within the local community and provides opportunities to develop, strengthen, and maintain ties to external audiences such as faculty, alumni, friends, the student body, and the general public by attracting interest, recognition, and much needed support through their spirited participation with our administrative, logistical, and financial needs; regardless of the team's wins and losses, record or any individual players’ playing time in games. Our Boosters role is to trust our NHHS administration, coaches, the game officials, and our players to do their best efforts.  Additionally, we always seek to set a first class precedent of host opposing teams and their fans to a positive and inclusive environment where we are all encouraged to mutually cheer for the success of every player on our respective teams.  As part of the collective Sailor Family at Newport Harbor we must remember we rise and sink together, so we encourage the inclusiveness and the involvement of all our families. 


Go Sailors!!

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Become a sponsor for the 2020 Newport Harbor Boys Lacrosse Teams

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